We're more thana business school,we shape challengemanagers.

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We’re re-defining business school; we’re re-designing a new management approach, focused on adding solutions and the common good.

We have re-acted to the discovery that we have to re-learn the way we learn. Because new times require new solutions and the best collaborators.

That’s why Advantere School of Management was born with the aim of transforming management education and impacting society through social justice and sustainability, under the inspiration of the Society of Jesus and the strategic academic partnership from Comillas Pontifical University, Deusto University and Georgetown University, which advises Advantere’s academic development. And that’s why we are going to have the strong collaboration of leading companies that share our philosophy.

Because we’re re-solved to advance.
We have the re-solution to advance.

More about us

Guillermo Cisneros

Managing Director

“ Now more than ever, it is necessary to educate managers for being re-solutionaries, capable of facing uncertainty and creating unexpected solutions to challenges that no one anticipated. This is Advantere’s purpose, to educate ‘change-makers’ through our resolutionary learning.”

Real projects based.

Real time reactions.

Resolutive performance.


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