MTM Study Plan

Topics TERM 1 TERM 2 TERM 3 TERM 4
SHR Strategic Human Resources Human Capital and Organization Design
Business Ethics, Sustainability & CSR
Labour Law & Compliance
/ / Master's thesis
SOM Strategic Organization Management Strategic Management
International and Contextual People Mng
Digital Ecosystem and Digitalizing TM
/ /
STM Strategic Talent Management Competences and Job Description Talent Attraction
Talent Review
Talent Development
Talent Mapping and Employer Experience
CS Compensation Strategy / / Retention, Compensation and Benefits
TDI Technology and Data Insigh / People Analytics /
ICM Innovation and Change Management / / Culture & Change Management
Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship
Supplementary Content Management Fundamentals, Quantitative methods in management, Finance for non finance.

MIM Study Plan

MIF Study Plan