Why Advantere

Father Arrupe, a former general of the Society of Jesus, used to say:

“It scares me that we can give yesterday’s answers to today’s problems”.

It is with that spirit and reason that Advantere was born.
From the solidity and prestige of the institutions that support Advantere, its purpose is to re-think and define the management and the education of the leaders that organizations and society need today and tomorrow. Its purpose is to accompany young people and professionals in their development as individuals and as the best people for others and the world. A world radically different from the one we know, in which change exceeds the human capacity to adapt, with new rules that are yet to be written, a world in which we all must necessarily be committed to making it fairer, more sustainable, and even re-generate it.


in accordance with the needs of the fourth industrial revolution and the challenges faced by our students, professionals, leaders, organizations and society. We call our approach “Re-solutionary learning”

Going onestep further

in the commitment between education, management and a fairer and more sustainable society subsequently forming part of our DNA and encouraging our students and stakeholders to become agents of change through our programs and activities.

Promotingmanagers andleaders

as people for others, with a transcendent meaning in their lives and their professional responsibility, being able to generate and transmit purpose with a spiritual dimension.

Our manifesto

We’re re-designing business school. We’re re-defining a new management approach, focused on adding solutions and the common good. We’re determined to advance, attracting the best people for the world.

We want authentic Re-solutionaries: heroes and organizations striving for dignity and social justice, making the unbelievable possible.

We’re more than a business school: we shape challenge managers. We have re-acted to the discovery that we have to re-learn the way we learn because new times require new solutions and the best collaborators.

— We’ve created The Re-learning method- a real-time, genuinely project- based re-learning.

— We have the support of the Society of Jesus and the backing of Jesuit universities such as Comillas, Deusto and Georgetown.

— We are also going to collaborate with leading companies that share our philosophy.

— And we have you.

If you want to make an impact, if you want to add value, if you are resolved to advance, then you’re a Re-solutionary…

And we want you on board.

Add value, Add solutions, Advantere. Re-solution to advance.

Our Partners

Strategic Partnership

Advantere is a management school with full autonomy that within the framework of the institutions of the Society of Jesus was born with the support of three benchmark institutions: Pontifical University of Comillas and University of Deusto as promoting institutions and Georgetown University as a strategic academic partner. The three institutions guide and advise the academic development of Advantere.

Universidad Pontificia Comillas

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Universidad de Deusto

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Georgetown University

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Universidad Pontificia Comillas

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Universidad de Deusto

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Georgetown University

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“The action of the Society of Jesus in the worldthrough Education”.

1 global network

A global network of educational excellence. Without education, a fair and sustainable world is not possible.

200 university institutions

The Society of Jesus is one of the most important higher education networks in the world with more than 200 university institutions and with presence in five continents.

2700 schools

With more than 2700 schools, the Society of Jesus educates children and young people in more than 90 countries and has got more than 100 millions of alumni.

Management Team


Our leading
experts share their knowledge

Meet them

Madrid, Spain

Madrid is the third largest city in the European Union behind London and Berlin, and a relevant international education hub with +230,000 college students.

  • Its geographical location lets you travel to other cities and countries in Europe.
  • Vibrant lifestyle, sunny weather and cultural diversity.
  • Affordable cost of living.

Our location

The first intake of students will be welcomed in October 2023 to study at the heart of Madrid’s business sector. A dynamic space within an entrepreneurial and professional environment, perfectly equipped for learning and networking activities. Our new campus building of 8,400 square meters is being built in the Chamartín area.