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1. Data Controller


Address: Calle Alberto Aguilera, number 23, 28015, Madrid.

VAT NUMBER: V05485974


2. Purposes of data processing and categories of data processed

Depending on the purpose for which your personal data has been collected, it will be processed for the following purposes.

  1. Resolve requests for information or any other type of consultation or petition made by the user through the contact channels offered by ADVANTERE, such as web forms, telephone number or email.
  2. Receipt of commercial communications, in which users will be informed of the different services offered by ADVANTERE, as well as events or additional training that may be interesting for you. Based on the information provided, we can elaborate commercial profiles to offer you services or information about events that match your interests.

Interested users may unsubscribe from these communications at the following e-mail address:

  1. To process applications for enrolment in one of the master’s offered by ADVANTERE, as well as events or activities organized by ADVANTERE or be part of them.
  2. Manage the academic services available to students, scholarship applications, grants and any other aspects that are intrinsic to their career as a student of ADVANTERE.
  3. Recording images of students for educational purposes, including photographs, videos, and voice. ADVANTERE may carry out the recording of online assessment tests to ensure the security and evidence of its performance.

The authorization to use the image for educational purposes is mandatory, making it impossible for the student to enrol and develop the corresponding academic studies.

  1. As a consequence of online or hybrid training, classroom training will be retransmitted to students enrolled in online mode and the recording of images will have the following purposes.
    • To offer the possibility of being viewed after the class in online training models.
    • To guarantee accessibility to the contents by students who, for different reasons, cannot attend classes in person or have had connection problems.
    • To constitute a study material for the preparation of the evaluation.
    • Specifically, the classes will be broadcast live so that those students who must access them in on-line mode can view them. In any case, access to the classes and their recording will be restricted to the corresponding teachers and students, as well as to ADVANTERE’s Management, without allowing a generalized access to them.

Because of online classes, cameras must be installed in the classrooms to be able to broadcast the classes to the students who are accessing them on-line. However, due to the location of the cameras, the image and voice of the students will be captured as little as possible, since it is intended to capture only the image/voice of the teacher, as the camera is focused on the teacher, although it is impossible to ensure that any student, at any time during the class, can get in the angle of vision of the camera or that their voice is captured as a result of their participation in the classes. In any case, teachers will, as far as possible, avoid capturing the image/voice of students. The provision of data for this purpose is mandatory, being impossible for the student to be enrolled and develop academic studies otherwise, since it would prevent the delivery of classes in blended mode.

Under no circumstances are students allowed to make recordings of the classes unless they have requested the consent of the attendees.

The images may be used as evidence of possible infractions committed by the student in accordance with the provisions of the Disciplinary Regime provided in ADVANTERE.

  1. During participation in the different activities and events carried out by ADVANTERE, images of the participants may be captured (taking photographs and videos, where both the image and voice of the attendees may be captured) for the purpose of dissemination and promotion of ADVANTERE’s events and activities in the entity’s magazine or on its website or social networks.

3. What categories of data do we process?

In accordance with the abovementioned purposes, ADVANTERE processes the following categories of personal data, which are obtained directly from the person concerned or from third parties:

  • Identifying data: name, surname, email address, postal address, telephone number, country where you are located, date of birth, etc.
  • Academic and professional data, such as your CV.

The personal data requested are mandatory, so that the refusal to provide them will make it impossible to carry out the services requested.

The interested person guarantees that the data provided are true, accurate, complete, and updated, being responsible for any damage or prejudice, direct or indirect, that could be caused as a result of the breach of such obligation. If the interested party provides data of third parties, he/she declares to have the consent of the same and undertakes to transfer the information contained in this clause, exempting ADVANTERE from any liability in this regard. However, ADVANTERE may carry out verifications to confirm this fact, adopting the corresponding due diligence measures, in accordance with data protection regulations.

4. What is the legal basis for the processing of data?

  • For purposes a) and b), personal data will be processed on the legal basis of the consent of the person providing the data. Consent may be withdrawn at any time, but this will not affect any processing that has been carried out previously. To respond to your consultations or requests, as well as to send ADVANTERE’s commercial communications, it is necessary that the person concerned gives his or her consent to the processing of personal data.

However, the commercial communications sent to ADVANTERE students is based on the legitimate interest of ADVANTERE to offer students the hiring of other services or information about events or complementary activities. The legitimate interest on which this treatment is based is covered by the applicable regulations, specifically Article 21.2 of Law 34/2002 of July 11, 2002, of services of the information society and electronic commerce or LSSI, which allows the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes for those users with whom ADVANTERE had a previous contractual relationship.

We remind you that you can object to this processing of your personal data by sending an e-mail to […].

  • In order to process registration requests for the services offered by ADVANTERE, as well as the events or activities it organizes or in which it participates, the data will be processed on the basis of the contractual relationship between the parties or, where appropriate, pre-contractual relationship. The processing is necessary for the development of the admission and registration process of the interested party, so that in case of refusal to provide personal data, the registration in the services, activities or events cannot be processed.
  • For the management of academic services required by ADVANTERE students, application for scholarships or grants and any other service intrinsic to the service offered, the basis of legitimacy is the existing contractual performance between the student and ADVANTERE.

The processing of data that may involve the provision and recording of online classes, such as that which may be associated with distance learning, as well as the conduct and recording of online assessments and any other recording with an educational purpose, such as evaluations, does not require the consent of the student, being legitimate such treatment.

The processing of their personal data for this purpose is mandatory, being impossible for the student to develop their studies and services contracted with ADVANTERE.

  • For the processing of the image (photography, voice and recordings) of the participants in the activities and events of ADVANTERE or participating in them, provided that the taking of the images does not have an educational purpose but are used for diffusion or promotion on its website or social networks, the consent of the users will be requested as a basis of legitimacy for the treatment.

The processing of your image for dissemination or promotion is not mandatory, so if the person concerned does not give their authorization, the data will not be processed for this purpose. You may withdraw your consent at any time, considering that the processing that has been carried out previously will be considered lawful.

5. How long do we keep your data?

    • For purposes a) and b), personal data will be kept for the necessary time until the consultation or request is answered and there is evidence that the consultation has been completed.

Regarding the sending of commercial communications, personal data may be kept indefinitely, until the user opposes to receive them.

  • To process applications for registration for services offered by ADVANTERE, as well as events or activities organized or in which it participates, personal data will be retained for the period of academic services, events or activities for which registration has been requested, and thereafter, until the prescription of the responsibilities that may arise against ADVANTERE.
  • For the management of academic services required by ADVANTERE students, application for scholarships or grants and any other service intrinsic to the service offered, personal data will be kept for the duration of the student’s academic period and thereafter until the prescription of possible liabilities that may arise against ADVANTERE.
  • With respect to recordings for educational purposes, related to online training, will be retained for the duration of the academic year. Once this period has expired, the recording may be retained in a blocked format, until the prescription of potential liabilities that may arise against ADVANTERE.

In the event that the recordings are used for purposes of student evaluation or review of grades, they will be kept until the resolution is definitive.

  • For the processing of the image (photograph, voice and recordings) of participants in ADVANTERE activities and events or participating in them (provided they do not have educational purposes), personal data will be kept indefinitely.

6. Who are the recipients of the data?

The personal data of the students may be transferred to;

  • Public Administrations, Police and Judges or courts in the cases foreseen by the Law.
  • Financial institutions through which payments and collections are managed.
  • As a result of the activity, the personal data of students may be transferred to companies with which ADVANTERE has signed collaboration agreements to facilitate access to jobs and internships in these companies.
  • If the student has expressed his/her consent, his/her academic data such as grades, scholarships or enrolments may be provided to his/her parents or legal representatives, unless he/she is economically dependent, which will be understood as the prevailing legitimate interest in such access and therefore the transfer of the data is understood to be covered.
  • In order to obtain the degree, your personal data will be transferred to UNIVERSIDAD PONTIFICIA COMILLAS.

7. International data transfers

In general, there are no international transfers of personal data. However, in the event of the possibility of personal data being transferred outside the European Economic Area, ADVANTERE offers adequate data protection guarantees by applying the Standard Contractual Clauses approved by the European Commission for international data transfers, as well as ensuring that the recipient has security measures like those established by ADVANTERE.

8. User Rights

You can exercise your data protection rights by sending a communication in writing to ADVANTERE, located at Calle Alberto Aguilera, number 23, 28015, Madrid, or through the e-mail address

The rights you are entitled to are.

  • To revoke the consents given.
  • Obtain confirmation as to whether ADVANTERE is processing personal data concerning you.
  • Access to your personal data.
  • Rectify inaccurate or incomplete data.
  • Request the deletion of your data when, among other reasons, the data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.
  • Obtain from ADVANTERE the limitation of data processing when any of the conditions provided for in the data protection regulations are met.
  • In certain circumstances and for reasons related to their situation to the processing of their data, the persons concerned may object to the processing of their data. ADVANTERE will stop processing the data, except for compelling legitimate reasons, or the exercise or defence of possible claims.
  • Request the portability of your data.

If you consider that ADVANTERE has violated the rights that are recognized, you can contact the Spanish Data Protection Agency, located at Calle Jorge Juan number 6, 28001 Madrid.

ADVANTERE reserves the right to update, modify or delete information contained in this Web Site may limit or deny access to such information.

From ADVANTERE we are committed to regulatory compliance and respect for the rights of the persons concerned, as well as respect for their privacy, so if you have any questions regarding how we treat your personal data, please do not hesitate to contact us through the channels indicated.

Last updated: May 2022

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