Leadership Talks is an initiative part of Advantere’s training program to bring real stories of current leaders to our students.

We open 2023 with a visit from Adriana Domínguez, CEO of Spanish fashion brand Adolfo Domínguez since 2020.

About Adriana Domínguez

One of Adriana’s characteristics is that she has a multifaceted profile. In addition to having a degree in International Business, she speaks 5 languages and has also worked as an actress.

This amalgam of experiences is probably one of the reasons why her leadership style is characterized by horizontality.

Adriana is a firm believer in teamwork to move soulful projects forward, where everyone can see their contribution reflected.

"It's important to inhabit a place where everybody feels like they're leading the project because they are."

Adriana did not hesitate to highlight the importance of living varied and enriching experiences.

She encouraged our re-solutionaries to try different things, no matter how clear their objectives may be, because from everything they have experienced there are great lessons to be learned and, above all, to value working with other people as an essential way for a project to succeed.

Below you can watch a brief interview with her:

What we've talked about:

00:16 What is your concept of leadership?

00:54 Which kind of leadership the world needs today?

01:30 How do you keep yourself connected to reality?

01:56 What do you recommend students to be re-solutionary today?

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Leadership Talks is a series of bi-weekly meetings between our students and leaders of innovation and social impact.

These talks are one of the many activities that are part of the training for our young re-solutionaries. We believe in a collaborative education that focuses on creating connections between people.

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