Master in Talent Management

11 months


Madrid, Spain

International period:

Master in Talent Management

Re-define talent

People are the most important asset in any organization. Society is relearning how to manage people and the value of their talent in a professional environment. In this master’s degree you will learn the necessary and relevant new role of the HR professional, developing skills to manage happy, fulfilled, effective and responsible people. Ready to develop an outstanding professional career and make your mark in the field of people management and human resources?

Why join the MSc. in Talent Management

  1. Experience real «learning by doing» in an international environment.
  2. Engage with real corporations in on/off campus problem-solving projects.
  3. Deliver value to society with talent-driven social impact projects.
  4. International study tour to learn from other business realities.
  5. Broad professional spectrum with special focus on strategic HR, human capital & organization design, labour law & compliance, international people management, competences & job description, talent attraction & development, employer experience, compensation, data insight, people analytics, culture & change management, leadership.
  • Duration: 11 months
  • Format: In person
  • Location: Madrid
  • Language: English
  • Next intake: September 2023
  • Average age: 23 years
  • Working experience:
    recent graduates with 0-2 years of work experience
  • Tuition fees: 22.000 €
  • Scholarships: Yes

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Study Plan

Learning Plan

Intensive Preparatory Phase

Prior to the start of the program, the participants will prepare themselves in specific contents necessary for their respective programs according to their previous experience and studies. In addition, and like the participants of the rest of the programs, preparatory activities for collaborative learning, resolution of challenges and project execution tools will be carried out.

Specific curriculum of each program

For 9 months students will combine sessions and courses in specific content related to their master program with experiential learning activities and the development of projects for learning different subjects. The intensity in active learning and projects will grow considerably over time as students develop their skills and learning abilities.

International Period

The international period involves a stay in Washington D.C, at Georgetown University. The stay in Washington combines experiential activities delving into critical issues in sustainability, social impact, and internationalization.

Supplementary sharedCurriculum

In addition to the specific curriculum and learning activities of each program, the participants of all the programs will work together in workshops and activities in relation to four areas:

Technology and digital skills workshops

It is a fundamental requirement that the participants develop a high level of technological and digital skills which are necessary both for the development of projects and for the development of their professional career. This includes programming, robotics, digital skills, prototyping, artificial intelligence, etc.

Career development workshops

Throughout these activities, students will work intensively on the growth of key personal skills in their professional development and effectiveness as managers. They will be able to expand their public and personal communication, networking and relationship management, presentation and storytelling, protocol skills… As well as learn to manage their career and employability strategies throughout their professional life.

Leadership and personal development

Students will have the opportunity to be exposed to and learn from the shared experience of organizational, social, scientific, cultural, spiritual leaders… combined with work on self-knowledge, the ability to discern, as well as personal reflection creating a transcendent meaningful purpose in their own lives and in the lives of others as leaders.


Collaborating Organizations

Students must be exposed to interdisciplinary activities outside their comfort zone and management as traditionally understood but which allow them to develop key personal and emotional skills. Part of this will be the organization and execution of events led by the students themselves with a public outreach of a different nature.

Admission process

Our admission process is not only designed to identify those students who have the necessary skills…

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We offer students a wide range of merit scholarships to pursue their studies.

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Collaborating Organizations

Our partner organizations join us in transformation of management education by bringing demanding projects to our students in our programs.

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