Welcome to Leadership Talks, an initiative that is part of Advantere’s training program to bring real stories of current leaders to our students.

We have inaugurated this series of talks with Ousman Umar.

He is the founder of the NGO “NASCO Feeding Minds“, and the author of his autobiographical book “North to Paradise”, where he tells his touching story: a journey full of setbacks and determination, from his hometown in Ghana to the streets of Barcelona.

Ousman's Story

Ousman Umar shared with our students his life story and the mission of his NGO.

NASCO Feeding Minds is a response to everything he experienced during his journey from Fiaso to Barcelona. For four years, Ousman experienced the same scarcity, racism, and violence that many of his compatriots have to face in the search for a better life.

When he achieved his goal, he couldn’t help but wonder why he had to experience such hardship to get where he wanted to be. Until he changed his question to “what for“.

That’s when she decided to found her own NGO in 2012. Unlike other organizations focused on sending food to African countries, Ousman bet on fighting the digital divide.

His organization’s mission is to improve education in Ghana through technology because the information is power. That’s how to generate a positive social impact in the long term.

"Change is really needed and possible"

After the talk, we had the opportunity of keep some importan insights about leadership:

What we've talked about:

00:15 How do you stay connected to your reality?

01:09 The right place to lead change

01:44 The meaning of Leadership

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