Everything is constantly changing and we need a language that grows with us to name the new ways to live and understand this fast world.

That’s why we wanted to create a concept to identify this new generation of young people who care about social justice, sustainability and societal awareness.

These values work as a compass to guide them, in order to accomplish a better world with innovative ideas.

Discover the new management

Are you a re-solutionary?

To figure it out, ask yourself:

If you focus on what you can control, and accept uncertainty as natural.

If you can ask, “Is this essential?”

If you seek out challenges.

If you focus on positive impacts, not personal outcomes.

If you accept that community is more important than individualism.

If you are able to learn something from everyone that makes you wiser every day.

If you have a clear idea of collaborative success.

If you are always preparing for life’s inevitable setbacks.

If you constantly work to strengthen your resilience.

If you are not afraid to ask for help…

Then yes, you are a re-solutionary person and we want you on board.


Exposing yourself to situations beyond your comfort zone gives you the opportunity to acquire key competencies which will make a difference as a professional and as a person.

Reflecting and knowing yourself better, getting better discernment competencies, as well working on your purpose in life and how to bring purpose to others, are essential components of our programs. And becoming leaders who are “persons for others”.

Are you a re-solutionary? Take a look at our International Management, in Finance and in Talent Management, we’re looking for you.

Because we’re re-solved to advance. We have the re-solution to advance.