During the early stages of our professional careers, much of our time is spent studying. Choosing a school can seem like an overwhelming task, but it’s an important life decision that can help you build a better future for yourself and for others.

Your educational environment is crucial, not only to learn the skills and qualifications you need to advance professionally, but also to grow as an individual.

Welcome to Your Next Challenge

At Advantere School of Management, we’re more than a business school. We’re determined to transform education and help students develop into the re-solutionaries of tomorrow.

Through our re-solutionary learning approach, we educate professionals that are able to manage effectively, face uncertainty, and create new, unexpected solutions to today’s most pressing challenges.

Our goals stand right at the intersection between education, management and the highest good. Deeply ingrained into our DNA is the belief that we need to re-learn the way we learn, committing ourselves to making the world a fairer and more sustainable place.

We want to accompany young people on their path to becoming the future leaders that society needs.

Why Advantere?

As Tony Wagner wrote: “The world doesn’t care about what you know. What the world cares about is what you can do with what you know.” Education is not just about accumulating knowledge, but also about being able to apply it to the modern context to find innovative solutions that serve the highest good.

Our integrative approach is attracting talented students from all over the world. In September 2022, our first group of motivated re-solutionaries will arrive at the heart of Madrid to begin their re-learning journey.

Despite all of them having their own particular goals, they have chosen Advantere to further their professional and personal development. So, why should you? Their testimonies speak for themselves.

Re-solutionary Learning

“One of my main interests is the management of the technological change of the organizations, that is, the use of software for the planning, designing, and management of companies’ data. The idea is to use Industry 4.0 tools to gather and analyze information, so that businesses could get valuable information that translates into economic benefits. I think this notion could be applied in small companies, to level the playing field against the market giants. It also has applications in non profit organizations that could use the information to help people in a more effective way.”

Juan (Argentina)

New times require new solutions. As the world changes, there is an increasing demand for flexible profiles capable of applying their management skills in different circumstances. Why continue to follow learning models from the second industrial revolution when we are currently in the fourth?

Advantere goes beyond traditional management education and, with its re-solutionary learning approach, provides students with the tools, knowledge and experience to adapt to current times. Learn by doing, learn by living, and learn by designing.

Purpose With A Spiritual Dimension

“My commitment as an ambassador for Adventere means that I will not only work hard, but I would also like to spread the Christian values wherever I end up building my life. Some of these values are Faith, Respect, Hard work and Trustworthiness. And I would also like to add creativity, since I think it’s my best characteristic as a person and also because I believe it can help me find new solutions to difficult problems.”

Dong Hwan (Korea)

As professionals, we all have a responsibility to society. We are a values-oriented institution, founded under the inspiration of the Society of Jesus and strategically partnered with Comillas Pontifical University, Deusto University and Georgetown University as advisors of Advantere’s academic development.

A life with meaning and a purpose-driven career represent the core essence of what we do, encouraging students to not only generate and follow a sense of purpose, but to transmit it to others, all within a spiritual dimension.

Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone

“I really admire the work that Advantere is doing, its proposal to reinvent education for management is remarkable and resonates with my core values. As I said in my interview, my dream legacy is to create a school that provides opportunities for a lot of kids and teaches them about life. I want to create a curriculum that goes beyond the traditional education that really helps them blooming their potential and let them find their own path. I know that my experience in advantere will nourish this idea and after some years we might be key partners in the way to make this dream come true.”

Emilio (El Salvador)

Through our re-solutionary learning method, you will be exposed to situations beyond the established limits of your comfort zone. This gives you the opportunity to expand your competencies and make a difference as professional and as a person.

Discovering yourself, learning critical thinking skills, and working towards your life purpose are all essential components of our programs.

The Power of Collaboration

“I also was fortunate enough to fund a social club to help people in need in Beni Mellal and the outside regions as well. The club had only three members at first, but I worked hard on publicizing every move and event until we were able to have more than thirty new members. With social media, we were also able to collect donations from all over the country, which allowed us to organize a big campaign and attract more than 300 people during the holy month of Ramadan. We certainly faced many obstacles when organizing events; however, this only enhanced my skills in critical thinking and problem-solving.”

Radia (Morocco)

We base ourselves on collaborative approaches as a way to enhance our learning capacity, believing leadership is not a privilege but a responsibility. Collaboration is a skill that must be learned, developed and continually nourished, allowing for spaces where talent can comfortably grow and flourish.

The creation of diverse teams can multiply the capacity to face challenges and come up with creative solutions with positive social impact. In this way, Advantere’s multicultural environment provides the best training for the future.

Giving Back to Your Community

“With my background in agriculture and my current work in education, in the future I want to educate the youth to create a sustainable social enterprise community for imports and exports in Cambodia. This is how I want to help my country.”

Mom (Cambodia)

Your CSR plan is now in action, but is it helping to make the world a better place? Be sure to monitor your goals and track your achievements, noting what works and adjusting what doesn’t.

What better way to make a positive social impact than giving back to your community? Our professional and individual personas are one and the same, so career development always goes hand in hand with personal growth.

We believe in being people for others and becoming agents of change, offering an innovative curriculum that integrates management education with a sense of purpose.

Are You a Re-solutionary?

Are you re-solved to advance your career while working towards the highest good? Then Advantere School of Management may be just what you’re looking for, and we want you on board.

Take a look at our Master’s degree in International Management, in Finance and in Talent Management, we’re looking for you.